Slope Sunday

Sunday we will fly at Kridtvejen slope:,8.6897567,580m/data=!3m1!1e3

We have a special permition to drive on the road beneith the slope. Drive down to the coast at Baunvej: and turn right along the slope. BE CAREFULL there is a pole in the road, but you can pass.

Parking must be beside the road so that the trafic can pass unhindered, and you will be given a piece of paper that must be placed vissible on the dashboard.

Briefing on the slope at 9.00, first five pilots are:

  1. 39 Søren Krogh
  2. 5 Jerzy Mataczyno
  3. 48 Jürgen Piegsa
  4. 7 Tobias Reik
  5. 44 Antek Kania

Slope for Saturday

The forecast for tomorrow is between SSW and NNW. The forecaster says it depends on a low pressure north of Denmark and it is not possible to say if it is NNW or SSW until tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow morning at 06.15 I will give you an up date here on the web site, but for now we are going for a new slope:

Mollerupvej 20, Trans, 7620 Lemvig

Easter Slope

Meeting point is Kridtvejen, briefing at 10.00
Due to changing wind saturday morning the briefing is postponed to 10.00 with start as soon as possible after.
Parking must be on the fields at the beginning of Kridtvejen. Until 9.00 it is possible to drive to the end of Kridtvejen to unload and then drive back to the parking.