Slope Sunday

Sunday we will fly at Kridtvejen slope:,8.6897567,580m/data=!3m1!1e3

We have a special permition to drive on the road beneith the slope. Drive down to the coast at Baunvej: and turn right along the slope. BE CAREFULL there is a pole in the road, but you can pass.

Parking must be beside the road so that the trafic can pass unhindered, and you will be given a piece of paper that must be placed vissible on the dashboard.

Briefing on the slope at 9.00, first five pilots are:

  1. 39 Søren Krogh
  2. 5 Jerzy Mataczyno
  3. 48 Jürgen Piegsa
  4. 7 Tobias Reik
  5. 44 Antek Kania

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