Easter Slope 2020 cancelled

Hello dear sports fans,

we are not able to carry out the competition because we have no information four weeks before the competition starts.

There is still no official notification from the Danish government as to when the borders will be opened, and to whom.
We do not know whether we will then be able to move freely within Denmark, or
if the number of people who are allowed to meet at an event is strongly restricted.

… and in the end we don’t think it’s a good idea to encourage people to travel across national borders in these times.

That’s why we are also cancelling the postponed competition.

Next year we will start with a new and empty list, so that everyone will have the same chance to register again.
If you want your money back, please cancel your participation on F3XVault. I will then transfer the money back. (Unfortunately PayPal will then collect fees twice).

See you in 2021 at the latest

Regnar, Frank and Barney

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